Organisation Design in Industrial Multinationals


“Organisational design” is far more than a diagram of the managerial hierarchy of the company (the ‘organogram’) – this is “structure”, and structure is just one subset of “organisation”.

Organisational design addresses the whole set of issues that dictate how the company operates: certainly it includes formal structure and reporting lines, but it also covers the roles and interrelationships of functions and geographic operations, the extent of central control versus local autonomy, the extent to which how things are done is consistent across the entire organisation – and most critically, it defines how control and decision-making are distributed – and ultimately, where power lies.

See also: Overview of Organisational Design

Our Services

We assist industrial companies, and in particular chemicals, materials and technology companies in the following ways:

1. Reviewing the effectiveness of the current organisational design, identifying areas for improvement, and, where there are specific issues, untangling “causes and effects” and defining the root problem(s).

2. Designing the optimum organisation, recognising the requirements of customers and the strategic positioning of company.

3. Gaining internal acceptance and support for whatever changes will be involved.

4. Planning the implementation of necessary changes, and assisting in implementation.

5. Utilising all of the available levers and mechanisms to lock the changes in place