Industrial Market Strategy

We work with business-to-business companies, particularly in the chemicals and materials sector, to develop practical and effective market strategies.

This can be a complete overhaul of the market strategy of an entire existing business unit, or the strategy for a new product/product range or for entry into a new market.

Market strategies developed by Cerebra are always based on a thorough analysis of:

  • market potential, customer requirements and competitive dynamics of the market segment(s) in question
  • the company’s situation: its market position, its product/market proposition, the strength of its competitive advantage, its capabilities and resources etc, coupled with
  • the commercial requirements and aspirations of senior management

We prefer to work with your team, either facilitating an internal team or “project managing” a joint team. In this way we ensure internal ownership of the resultant strategy. However in certain circumstances (e.g. when looking at a completely new market opportunity) we do take on independent strategy work (following the classic “external consultant” model).