Advising Specialty Chemicals companies on commercial processes, culture & strategy…

Building and sustaining an effectively international organisation is highly challenging…

We assist industrial companies, primarily in the chemical sector, with complex commercial issues – from long-established businesses experiencing internal problems, perhaps undergoing challenging reorganizations to accommodate acquisitions or dramatic shifts in global markets, or young businesses from developing countries expanding on the international stage and experiencing “growing pains”.

There are two distinct facets:

  • Designing and improving structures, culture and processes in a complex organisation requires experience and skill
  • Making changes ‘stick’ requires an approach that generates ownership and acceptance across the organisation – and this in turn demands in-depth understanding of the complex human forces at play and how these can be harnessed and turned  to advantage


Reflecting this, our work, has 2 dimensions:

What we do: we advise international chemical and materials companies on commercial processes, culture and structure – and sometimes with market strategy

How we do it: We blend our knowledge, analyses and opinion, delivered through a traditional consulting approach of advising, recommending and ”directing”, with a participative, collaborative, “non-directional” approach, in which we use coaching and mentoring techniques to draw ideas and solutions from our clients’ staff.

Our aim is for the client company to define its optimum structure, culture and processes, and for the changes necessary to be owned and positively adopted and implemented