Brand strategy: Overview of our Services

What We Do

We assist chemicals, materials and technology companies with brand strategy in the following ways. We:

1. Build internal understanding of brands and branding, through seminars, lectures and workshops.

2. Undertake short, expert reviews of the status/’health’ of brand(s) and brand management practices, through ‘Brand Audits’.

3(a). Assist the managers who are responsible for brands, taking the role of expert advisors/ facilitators/mentors, to:

  • analyse complex situations and so identify and understand the primary underlying issues
  • develop practical, workable solutions
  • implement these effectively.

3(b). Undertake brand strategy projects in a classic ‘external consultancy’ style – i.e. we do the work and deliver a comprehensive set of recommendations

The Two Types of Brand

The corporate brand and product brands are quite separate topics: they are targeted at different audiences, they carry very different types of message, the mechanisms by which they function are different, and they are “owned” and managed by different people in the organisation. In our experience, few clients wish to review and/or change both types of brand simultaneously; and the primary circumstance when this is required is during integration of a significant acquisition – but even here, it is most likely that work on the two types of brand will be broken out as discrete ‘projects’.

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